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(Senior) JavaScript Software Engineer



Our Business Applications division in the Netherlands is looking for a developer for the dashboard framework team.
The team’s focus is to develop a dashboard framework with which, in the end, GfK clients can get insight in their data. With the framework we provide tools for other GfK developers to continue building upon our framework. These tools might include a new chart type to visualize data, a package manager to decouple functionality and improve maintainability or support for web analytics; your work will be very diverse and will have a high impact on a lot of users. Everything we do is in JavaScript; focused on the end user, fast, interactive.
Our current challenges are related to:
• enabling our users to get insights from their data;
• developing easy to use tools for tough market research challenges
• setting the standards by developing a high quality dashboard framework;
• supporting the developers that build upon our framework;
• decoupling functionality by developing a package management system;
• extending our test suite to verify if our features are (still) working  properly;
• improving our development process to ramp up our velocity and quality;

The dashboard framework is used for several GfK products, used by clients and GfK colleagues worldwide.
Skills and requirements for a (senior) JavaScript Software Engineer:
• user centric;
• team player;
• open minded towards new technologies and ways of working;
• stand up to defend your ideas;
• good communication skills.
Required technical skills:
• thorough knowledge of JavaScript;
• solid understanding of asynchronous programming;
• experience using JavaScript in browser solutions;
• solid understanding of HTML and CSS.
Preferred technical skills:
• Automated testing (Unit / Integration tests)
• jQuery
• underscore / lodash
• Highcharts
• NodeJS
• Karma
• Mocha
• Git
• other JS frameworks, like Angular, Backbone, Ember, Meteor…

To find out more information about the role and to apply, please click here

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