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Senior Innovation Partner, TNS


Senior Innovation Partner
Johannesburg, South Africa

Job Level: Executive/Director/VP
Job type: Other

To refine, develop and scale our capabilities to support the effective deployment of innovative research offers in business-relevant areas. Collaborate with internal and external partners to develop and incubate new competitive research offerings to meet client needs. Support revenue growth, alongside improvements in efficiencies, through innovative offers to take to market.


  • Lead, build, improve and maintain the company’s capability to innovate within a specific focus area by developing, incubating and promoting new ideas that will help the business compete into the future
  • Follow a disciplined and focused approach to innovation, driving progress within a specific focus area against agreed up milestones
  • Develop expertise in business-critical innovation areas and deliver an offer which is clearly differentiated compared to our competitors
  • Design, lead, facilitate and work on client centric, results-driven, leading-edge innovation projects within a specific focus area
  • Work closely with the rest of the innovation team to ensure that the relevant design expertise and experience is incorporates into innovation projects
  • Ensure that innovative processes and approaches, once incubated, are adopted and implemented across the business
  • Ensure that innovation projects reflect progress in terms of revenue growth, efficiency improvement and/or client impact and interest
  • Build and manage strategic relationships with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Translate research trends into opportunities to future-proof the business through innovation
  • Communicate and facilitate the communication of innovation lead insights, priorities and client-ready offers for a specific focus area to internal and external stakeholders (by means of internal or external meetings, workshops, presentations, publications and the like)
  • Effectively manage the set budget and timeframe, as well as any associated risks, for innovation projects undertaken within a specific focus area
  • Inspire delivery by offering short term brainstorm support and advanced problem solving capacity


  • Is able to independently liaise with external clients on complex research matters
  • Is able to effectively contribute and influence innovation in the SA business on a broad / national scale and where applicable beyond the SA business (region, global, industry etc)
  • Presents self to colleagues and the external world in a manner which is professional and reflects the values/‘face’ of TNS
  • Actively looks for ways to connect/partner with other areas across the business eg. across geographies, divisions, sectors; thinks as part of a global group
  • Provide the team with strategic direction and insight
  • Set standards of excellence for team
  • Be involved in complex / high profile studies to support managers towards the best (most effective and efficient) possible delivery
  • Proactively responsible for own learning and development
  • Promote team spirit
  • Pioneers new idea and creates new solutions
  • Explains complex issues in simple terms; aims to create understanding
  • Identifies and helps develop talent across the business
  • Champions knowledge management procedures and policies within the organisation
  • Consistently demonstrates ability to think laterally
  • Turns conceptual ideas into commercial reality
  • Helps shape internal strategy – ideas sought out by key stakeholders
  • Sets a high standard of performance for others to follow
  • Actively transfers learning to others
  • Provides energy and drive to identify and exploit opportunities for new and innovative ways to answer clients’ needs
  • Actively participates in creative workshops or knowledge sharing opportunities
  • Maintains personal well-being and balance
  • Leads by example and lives the Company’s Values of Passion, Trust, Simplicity, Partnership and Celebration

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