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Public Sector – Proposal Specialist/Manager – Africa – Johannesburg



McKinsey’s Public, Social and Healthcare Practice provides management consulting services to governments and agencies at the national, state, and local levels within the EEMA (Eatern Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.  The Practice is seeking a Proposal Specialist/Manager for opportunities with country governments, foundations, and development agencies.
Detailed Description
McKinsey’s Public, Social and Healthcare Practice (PuSH) is seeking a Proposal Specialist/Manager for opportunities with country governments, foundations, and development agencies.  The role is based out of McKinsey’s Johannesburg office, and will focus on capture management and proposal delivery for EEMA-based clients.  The role is important in helping the PuSH Practice to grow and have greater impact in the sector. 
The Proposal Specialist/Manager will be based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and will report to the PuSH practice leadership.  Responsibilities and qualifications of the Proposal Specialist/Manager are articulated in further detail below.
1.  Early intelligence gathering: Gather intelligence about upcoming procurements for which McKinsey might be well suited to compete; develop opportunity-specific competitive intelligence analysis, along with relative strengths and weaknesses of competitors; maintain and update opportunities pipeline and proposals tracker
2.  Proposal management and delivery (both as a prime and a sub):
  • Understand the objectives and requirements of the RFP and formulate a view about what it will take for McKinsey to win the procurement
  • Coordinate with team members to ensure key aspects of client intimacy (e.g., salient win themes, relevant hot buttons) resonate through the proposal
  • Create workplans and align resources to complete the work of drafting high-quality proposals on time, ensuring end-to-end coordination and delivery of proposals
  • Orchestrate communications/visual media specialists to produce high-end proposals. Also, create network of external communication and visual media specialists, to be pulled in on need basis for different proposal situations
  • Write select elements of proposals (e.g., value proposition, positioning  vis-à-vis competition, etc.)
  • Work with client leaders and partners to prepare financial proposals
  • Review proposals at different stages of the drafting process, and help the drafting team make course corrections where necessary.  This includes challenging the proposal team and PuSH partners when appropriate
  • Ensure technical compliance of proposals – prepare and own submission of all technical compliance documents (e.g., registration certificates, etc.).  Familiarity with the PFMA and PPPFA regulations and procurement guidelines are a must
  • Help the PuSH partners, consultants and client development advisors to prepare for oral presentations, including counseling colleagues on their objectives during the oral presentations and providing feedback on rehearsals

3.  Knowledge codification: 

  • Create and maintain a solid repository of ready-to-use ‘standard’ proposal ingredients
  • Codify client development best practices
  • Lead preparation of high end proposal materials including ‘new-age’ qualification documents, CV books, case studies, videos, references library, etc.
4.  Contracts debrief:  After McKinsey wins or loses procurements, participate in debrief sessions with internal and client personnel to identify opportunities for the PuSH practice to improve
Desired Skills
General qualifications and experience:
  • Proposal delivery knowledge.  The Proposal Specialist/Manager will need to have a full and deep understanding of the Government tendering (PFMA, PPPFA), contracting and procurement processes, how such procurement decisions are made, and how a consultancy like McKinsey can maximize the chance of winning new contracts
  • Writing and editorial skills.  The Proposal Specialist/Manager will need to lead a proposal team, write critical sections of proposals himself or herself, and advise senior members of the client development teams about how to improve their writing
  • Technical knowledge.  The Proposal Specialist/Manager will need to have an expertise in at least one of the following areas:  government delivery and transformation, education, public health, economic development, sustainability, public finance, trade and investment, agriculture, etc.
  • Interpersonal skills.  The Proposal Specialist/Manager will need to interact collaboratively with consultants and operate as an integral member of the PuSH Practice, forging effective relationships across McKinsey’s distributed and non-hierarchical organization (including leadership based in the EEMA region).  The Proposal Specialist/Manager will need to build consensus for his or her ideas
  • Negotiation skills.  The Proposal Specialist/Manager will need to be able to negotiate with potential partners and clients effectively and independently with guidance from the PuSH Practice leadership
  • Cultural fit with McKinsey. The Proposal Specialist/Manager must be impact-oriented and fit well with the values and culture of McKinsey


  • An undergraduate degree from a respected institution.  Graduate education in related field is preferred but not required
  • Previous experience
  • At least 4-5 years of experience in capture management and proposal delivery in a professional firm, focusing on government contracts, foundations and State Owned Enterprises of the Government
  • Preference for candidates who have worked within this space extensively in South Africa and have business proficiency in either French, Portuguese or Arabic, in addition to high level of business fluency (oral and written) in English
To find out more information about the role and to apply, please click here

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