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Job Description:
Reporting to Operation Manager, you will coordinate and support your team ensuring good management of projects under their responsibility to achieve budgeting, execution and good technical and financial performance, within the schedule and expected quality standards finding appropiate solutions to costumer expectations.
Your role:
Coordination of the project management team:
  • Evaluating and planning needs in terms of resources
  • Monitoring the training needs of the team.
  • Distribution of projects among team members.


  • Reveiving and analyzing customer briefings, ensuring the development of proposals and tight and competitive budgets, ensuring all procedures for the registration and control of the same.
  • Maintaining effective communication between different departments involved in order to ensure adequate budgeting to customer needs and with high potential for reward.

Project management:

  • Set-up and ensure proper planning of projects, ensuring compliance with all procedures estrablished for this purpose.
  • Coordinate, receive and send the materials to the customer, maintaining adequate communication.
  • Develop/ translate the projects´ materials ensuring that the final versions of the same are properly communicated to the different departments involved as is defined in the respective procedures.
  • Ensure the good technical execution of the projects through monitoring their different stages of production, as regards the timing and metrics and delivering consistent and coherent results.
  • Ensure the proper execution of the project in financial terms, searching for solutions and having respective discussions with departments involved, in order to minimize deviations and optimize results.
  • Ensure adequate and timely communication with the client and the various departments involved, in order to maximize the execution of projects in accordance with expectations, ensuring that all management procedures are followed.

Assist in the preparation and analysis of reports:

  • Coordinate the preparation of simple reports and execution of charting.
  • Coordinate the carrying out of simple statistical analyzes of quantitative studies.
  • Ensure the analysis Topline/ project results and their dispatch to costumers, according to their expectations.
  • Accompany and support Client Service in the presentation of results to the client (when it comes to external projects)
  • Degree in Social Sciences and/ or Management Sciencies.
  • Mathematics/Statistics/ Operational Research.
  • Experience in market research, minimun 5 years.
  • Good capacity for coordination and leadership.
  • Good problem- solving skills.
  • Good teamwork spirit.
  • Computer skills in Excel, SPSS, PowerPoint and Word.
  • Fluent in Portuguese and English.

To find out more information about the role and to apply, please click here

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