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Product Development- Product Cost Analyst- EEMA- Wrocław



McKinsey’s Product Development Practice is committed to helping clients develop products and services that fit market needs, are produced with attractive margins, provide platforms for add-on offerings, and enhance the reputation of the brand for future business growth. We provide measurable performance improvements to our clients across a range of product development challenges.
Detailed Description

Cleansheet SolutionTM is a set of tools, data bases, hotline and consulting support for target costing.  The core element of the tool’s infrastructure is a standardized costing application linked to repositories of cost data and supporting applications, which assist in performing subtasks that can simplify costing calculations. The tool contains McKinsey’s regularly updated database on costs for materials, equipment, and labor. The database leverages our insights into different industries and the knowledge of distinctive institutions, such as the global McKinsey Sourcing Centers, to provide the information required for calculating a wide range of Cleansheets. The hotline answers ad-hoc user questions, provides training and supports CST´s to compile client Cleansheets. 

  • Cleansheet SolutionTM implementation in manufacturing environment:

Providing remote and on-site Cleansheet trainings to consultants and clients from around the world
Compiling cost estimations for different manufacturing technologies
Owning and refining the training material

  • Data base of Cleansheets

Building a comprehensive data base of sanitized Cleansheets covering industries and products
Gathering feedback and refining the data base

  • Cleansheet support

Providing basic and advanced Cleansheet support to clients and consultants
Desired Skills

  • Master university degree, outstanding academic record, preferably in engineering
  • Enthusiasm for R&D, Products and Innovation is more important than degree subject
  • Basic knowledge of some of manufacturing technologies
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Superior problem-solving, analytical and quantitative skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Strong multi-tasking abilities
  • superb team player, proactive rather than reactive mindset

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