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Operations – Capability Coach – Middle East



McKinsey & Company has set the standards of exellence in top management consulting for more than 80 years. We advise decision makers in leading companies, the public sector, non-profit organizations, and innovate, fast-growing start-ups around the globe. When you come to McKinsey, you take on challenges that matter with people who matter in organizations that matter.
Detailed Description
McKinsey Implementation offers a unique service line. Clients receive a comprehensive learning journey supported by expert faculty and weekly, on-the-ground coaching. Coaches are characterized by their ability to motivate clients and to tie learning material to real business outcomes.
Implementation Coaches will engage with clients on a diverse range of learning content in a format that combines formal teaching, practical experience, peer learning, and more. The fundamental objective is to build leadership skills across a broad cohort of future leaders by leveraging McKinsey&Company’s expert network and proven business knowledge
Examples of coaching responsibilities include:
  • Conducting forums and meetings
  • Reinforcing absorption of materials by participants
  • Relating teaching to specific job situation and work environment
  • Tracking and recording participants performance
Desired Skills
  • Fast learner, quickly absorbing new material and teaching it to others
  • Problem solve effectively, breaking down complex client challenges and helping them apply what they have learned to solve them
  • Give constructive and insightful feedback
  • Show presence and maturity, command attention through presence and communication
  • Display strong EQ, showing deep interest and understanding of others and ability to be energized by personal interaction
  • Demonstrate personal drive, including the ability to own client relationships with minimal oversight
  • Exhibit flexibility & mobility, including availability to work at client site 5 days a week in locations such as Saudi Arabia
  • Fluent in Arabic
  • Related experience, roughly 3-5 years working in relevant context or role
To find out more informaion about the role and to apply, please click here

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