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Manager – Marketing Science



Purpose of role
A MS Manger / Director will be responsible and accountable for the smooth running of their technique by ensuring that the offer is clear and accessible for client service, provides high quality results, projects run without problems and identifying opportunities to sell the offer to Client Service and helping directors sell it to clients.  They will build an image of ‘Trusted Advisor’ status on both their technique and on wider Marketing Science work.  They will be comfortable with going to client presentations to help CS deliver results.  A MS Manager / Director should strive to be an excellent role model for the rest of the team in terms of demonstrating their professionalism and inspiring the team to be as successful as possible. 
Technical Accountabilities
Heads up a technique – responsible for the on going co-ordination, financial delivery and communication.
Is the main contact/channel for all queries and works towards an end goal in terms of awareness, knowledge, project management and providing insightful results for the client. Will not be dependent on solving major development challenges outside of current offer – but contribution to development expected
Is fully able to manage the technical side of any project within the current offer with minimal Director supervision and is involved in the ongoing development of the offer, receiving positive feedback from CS on their technical/consultancy skills in delivery
Helps to raise awareness of the technique with CS and sells it to them and actively works with CS to meet client requirements while helping to build client relationships.
Delivers quality projects on time, to budget and to CS satisfaction
  • Monitors efficiency/identifies ways of speeding things up
  • Monitors and evaluates profitability and relevant costs if necessary

Explains, guides and supports other team members working in their area actively coaching and mentoring, ensuring they:

  • Are kept up to speed with all learnings
  • Have a clear plan of what the offer is and what the products are
  • Know the client objectives and what the end goal is
  • Are updated daily on progress of project
  • Are involved in all communication and are responsible for getting the results to CS
if applicable, manages and develops MS executives leading them towards manager status
Acts as a consistent/highly inspirational role model internally and externally (i.e. CS, PM, Clients)
Is directly responsible for performance and talent management of the team, proactively shaping their development and long term career at MB:
  • Training and ongoing coaching/development
  • Conducts appraisals
  • Proactively works to build strong relationships e.g. regular communication/catch ups
  • Listens to and resources any issues
  • Inputs into the promotion process
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