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Head of North American Procurement



Ensuring professional Procurement within the country, region or company including continuous improvement of business contribution
Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 
      Set up a professional Procurement function and coordinate all Procurement activities within the organization as defined business processes based on a global Procurement framework.                 
      Planning, optimization and control of purchased services/materials to assure sustainable financial result             
      Ensure a clear Procurement strategy for the organization and develop an appropriate vendor portfolio (e.g. 2 vendor strategy per category)                                                                                          
      Initiation and control of demand pooling, supplier management and early integration into Procurement-related procedures. In case of conflict with heads of business divisions/units, head of Procurement has the power of veto.                                                                                                                               
      Business optimized adaptation of global process framework, detailing of processes down to required level for fluent daily business.                                                                                          
      Professional leadership for all operational buyers and category managers in the organization, even for employees doing procurement part-time                                                                           
      Improve the methodical education of the procurement employees and improve the ability of the Procurement organization to be a reliable partner internally to the business functions and externally to the vendors                
      Implement and develop sufficient IT support for all Procurement activities. Define clear indicators to measure the Procurement performance and ensure the respective data management.
      Collaborate with the global teams and with the larger matrix organization.

Strong capabilities developing expert analytic reports. IT knowledge and proven Project Management expertise.

●      At least 3 years of supervisory experience.
●      Proactive; aggressively take the lead on improvements and innovation with data, metrics, analysis and reporting.
●      Demonstrated ability to manage multiple activities simultaneously delivering high quality results in terms of process, content and timeliness.
●      Exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills, keen willingness to get “hands dirty” on detailed analysis, not the traditional “lead through others” type.
●      Strong ability to develop linkages with the company’s different divisions and functions.
●      Strong and collaborative leadership capabilities to deliver results.
●      Ability to interact and influence effectively across all levels of the organization.
●      Self-starter with personal drive to succeed and achieve results.
Education:  Bachelor’s degree (preferably in Business) or equivalent experience. Graduate degree preferred.
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