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Data Processing Assistant



The main role is to proces data in the Consumer Choice sector, provided by shops and data loading with specialized data processing application
The work consists in: 
- searching the database by brand and model, 
- creating new items based on proper information collected from web sites and brochures, 
- comparing and collating key product features, 
- matching the received data in order to appropriate items in the database; updating and correcting the information
contained in the databases.
- daily check of data loading status
- achieving the monthly target i.e. processing certain volumes of data within the predefined deadline;
Technical requirements:
- Computer literacy – basic skills for preparation and formatting documents, presentations and Excel spreadsheets;
- Working knowledge of English and;
- Working knowledge of Italian/German/Russian is a plus.
Personal skills and competences:
- Team work – to support other team members and to search help when needed; strive for achieving the common result;
- Detail oriented – to focus on the tiniest details;
- Adaptability – easy to accept changes and innovations, new requirements and circumstances;
- Organized – ability to make a difference between urgent, important tasks and inessential tasks;
- Possibility to work full-time.

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