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Brandeis University

Spenser and Milton

with William Flesch

1) Introduction: Allegory in Spenser and in Milton: Audio

2) Spenser: Book I of the Faerie Queene and the Spenserian stanza: Audio

3) Allegory and character in Spenser: Audio

4) More on allegory and character, inner and outer, with the examples of Orgoglio and of Despayre in Book I: Audio

5) Spenser: Book II: Spenser and certainty.  Guyon’s priggishness: Audio

6) Book II: Temperance and self-restraint.  The pleasures of self-restraint.  Mirth and Mammon: Audio

7) Book II: The Bower of Blisse and the Lovely Lay sung there: Audio

8) Book III: Why do Guyon and Britomart (Temperance and Chastity) fight?: Audio

9) Book III: Britomart and allegory: Audio

10) Book III: Allegory and human individuality: Audio

11) Book III: Amoret, Belphoebe and what the House of Busirane is for:Audio

12) What it’s like to live in the Land of Faery; the Garden of Adonis: Audio

13) Matter and Form in the Garden of Adonis: Audio

14) Book IV: Love and Friendship: Audio

15) Book IV: The Friend as Second Self: Audio

16) Book IV: Scudamor at the Temple of Venus: Audio

17) Book V: Varieties of Justice: Audio

18) Books V and VI: The relation of Justice to Courtesy: Audio

19) Variety and Uniformity in Books V and VI: Audio

20) Book VI as pastoral: Audio

21) Last, best class on the Faerie Queene: Scopophilia and narrative: Audio

22) Milton: Lycidas: Audio

23) Contrasts and Debates in Milton: Audio

24) Lycidas and Comus: Audio

25) Comus, rape, and freedom: Audio

26) Paradise Lost and freedom: Audio

27) Paradise Lost: The mind is its own place.  The Lady from Comus and Satan: Audio

28) Paradise Lost as anti-allegorical poem.  Invocation to Book 3: Audio

29) Paradise Lost: Who gets to judge God’s ways?: Audio

30) Paradise Lost: Warnings and failures to warn: Audio

31) Paradise Lost: Prayer and Invocation: Audio

32) Dreams, allegories, and other minds in Milton: Audio

33) Moral typologies in Paradise Lost: Audio

34) How humans think things through in Milton: Audio

35) Temptation in Paradise Lost, Areopagitica and Paradise Regained:Audio

36) Last class: Samson and his blindness.  Closet drama: Audio


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