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Business Technology – Experienced Professionals – Europe – London



McKinsey’s Business Technology Office (BTO) is a functional practice within which consultants help clients think strategically about how to use technology to create fundamental business change.
Detailed Description
BTO is comprised of nearly 700 McKinsey consultants globally who work on the same types of engagements as anyone else at McKinsey. On balance, however, they do more technology-related projects than others at the firm. In addition, our consultants develop particular expertise in technology, whether in a particular industry or in a functional area such as operations or marketing.

What all of our Associates do:
Successful candidates will achieve significant impact by applying their industry knowledge to advise clients directly. The breadth of our delivery includes;
1.  Client engagement work 

  • Working as a team member for specific client studies with direct contact to key members of client organisation. 
  • Supporting client service teams at various stages, for example providing an industry overview and helping with issue identification

2.  Client development

  • Participating in client development for both current and new clients (e.g., meetings/workshops on topics of interest) 
  • Writing proposals for new client engagements

3.  Knowledge building and knowledge transfer

  • Participating in or leading key internal knowledge building initiatives 
  • Participating in and contributing to practice conferences and workshops
Desired Skills
BTO candidates tend to have studied a technical subject, for example, Computer Science, Engineering, IT, hard Sciences or Mathematics. We are happy to see candidates with only an undergraduate degree, with advanced degrees (Masters, PhD, MBA etc) as desired and not required.
BTO candidates often have a technical professional background, for example, experience in a tech-enabled consulting firm, technology start-up, high tech company, or an IT or tech-related role in any industry, such as financial services, healthcare, retail, telcom etc.

To find out more information about the role and to apply, please click here

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